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About Our Staff

Dr. Kevin Misenheimer

Founder and clinic director

Dr. Kevin Misenheimer is the founder and clinical director of Northwest Vitality | State of the Art Wellness Care. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Management at Texas State University, and graduated from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas in 2000. Dr. Kevin built and directed two successful chiropractic practices in Austin, Texas and the Texas Hill Country before moving to Portland in 2008. He currently lives in Portland with his wife Crystal and their two daughters, Lorelei and Gretchen.

Northwest Vitality is the culmination of years of research and development, with the goal of combining the most powerful natural healing products and services to create an ultimate wellness program. Today, Northwest Vitality is the center for treatment of irritable bowel treatment, chronic health conditions, allergies, and weight loss Portland residents can count on for real, lasting results. Dr. Kevin not only offers an unrivaled combination of healing technologies, but also the compassionate manner of someone who’s been there. Read more about his journey from marathon runner to chronic fatigue sufferer, and how he brought himself back from the edge, despite the lack of help or support from his other doctors. Dr. Kevin is excited to join you on your journey back to optimal health- let’s get started on your success story today!

Dr Jerome Craig DC

Lead clinician

Amber Henrickson

Nutritional therapy practitioner

Katie Heath

Nutritional therapy practitioner 

Success Story


IBS/Digestive Issues

I’m no longer on insulin (this was 180 units/day less than 6 weeks ago). NO more cholesterol meds. NO more Prilosec and NO more pain meds. I’ve lost over 30 pounds. I feel like a totally rebuilt person and I'm ready to go do things once again! REMEMBER this is in 6 weeks!

Mearl Miles
Mar 14, 2011

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